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Manna in the desert


Since we started on this path a few years ago, there have been several times when God has spoken very clearly to me about this journey. Im not claiming to have heard the audible voice of God, ( i wish it was that simple) but there have been thoughts, or even full conversations that have happened in a quiet time, that have left me certain of the fact that I’ve just heard from the Lord. Like in that song…. “Ever gotten something in your head? It’s not something you’ve heard, or something you’ve read….Its Jesus in disguise”

Anyway, all that to say, in these times God has used things I’ve learned from the Bible to teach me about things that are happening in my own life. (What?!? imagine that)  =)  Even crazier, the one I will mention in todays post is from the OLD testament!!! LOL, stay with me….

This word has been true for me since the very begging of this journey and God continues to use it to teach me things. You all know the story of the Israelites being lead into the promised land, right? So, God miraculously saves them, and tells them he will lead them into the promised land. The very fact that they were on this journey was a miracle in itself. Only made possible by the hand of God. (Pharaoh finally allowing them to go free, the parting of the red sea) But they are a bit surprised and a little discouraged when they find themselves walking around in the desert. They didn’t know how long they would be in there, God didn’t reveal that to them. But he DID promise to lead them into the promise land, and every single day there were visable signs that he had not left them. He provided a cloud to cover them and to guide them in where to go next. He also provided food, twice a day miraculously from heaven. EVERYDAY. MIRACULOUSLY. IT FELL FROM THE SKY AT THE SAME TIME EVERYDAY!!! FOR FOURTY YEARS!!!!  BUT, they still complained and asked God where he was, why they were in the desert, and when would they see his promises fulfilled??

They were safe, fed, and in his presence at all times as he was leading them closer every step of every day. WHY and HOW could they question his plan?!?!

WHY and HOW can I question his plan?!?! ouch. God promised to lead us to this this wonderful destination, in our case, a chinese daughter. He has never left us. He has listened to my complaints, and one day he reminded me of the Israelites. “Hillary, I never said how long this journey would take, only the wonderful promise of the end result. You are in the desert, but I am with you. See, these things I have provided. Constant proof of my faithfulness and concern for your well being in this journey. I am leading you every step of the way, everyday.” I found this to be true again today.

I was in tears this morning at the lack of funding we have received so far, we had to move our final home study back a few weeks due to not having enough money to pay for that next step. Very disheartening. “GOD, you have lead us this far… where are you??” and from the sky, out of the blue…. manna.

I opened my mailbox to find a letter from dear friends. I opened the envelope and started to cry. $500, that gives us exactly enough to move forward with the final home study.  God is so good, and He is with us in the desert.

Another interesting fact about this manna, is that he provided only what they needed for the day.  He wanted to show them he would be there when they needed him. He would be faithful every single step of the way. Thank you to everyone who has given so far, for reminding us of God’s faithfulness! We have raised $1,893 of the roughly $25,000 needed. We know he will continue to provide every step of the way.