Paperwork, Paperwork, and………… MORE Paperwork

 Yep that title pretty much sums up our lives for the last two weeks. Plus all of this….IMG_5898Notaries, Dossier meetings, sending off our passports for renewal, twice. Yea, TWICE. Caleb’s was returned just days after sending it out for “not signing the application”, to which I may or may not have given him a hard time for 😉 , and then mine showed up in the mail the next day, with no signature. ooopppps. LOL

We also had to pay to do 12 required hours of online “adoption training” courses…. The packet I purchased totaled 13.5 hours, unbeknownst to me until after the fact. Dah. Maybe I needed the extra hour and a half of training.. =)

We set up a table at church the last two weeks to let others know what we are doing and how they can help. Everyone was so sweet and supportive.IMG_5970Our girls LOVED doing a table at church, and helped update our total funds raised..IMG_6117

  $9,680!! nearly halfway there! PRAISE GOD!!!!

We had to complete most of those things I mentioned by yesterday because it was our last home study visit!!! (enter sigh of relief) It went really well. The lady is super nice, we spent most of the time going over what she has to write for a very detailed biography of Caleb and I, to put into our home study packet. I can’t imagine they could have thought of anything else to ask us about ourselves and our families!! Seriously though…They wanted to know everything!!! Including our siblings names, dates of birth, occupation, relationship status, children, ect… I couldn’t remember what year my youngest sister was born. (oh come now…dont judge… there are FOUR of us!! and I knew it was 1988, or 89) =) Anyways, I left it blank thinking Id just fill it in later, well I forgot and apparently it was almost a major red flag. She asked why it was blank, and I told her “I forgot” to which she replied, “oh, ok I thought maybe you were estranged or something.”  So, just to clarify, and as added proof, here are me and my sisters just two months ago HAPPILY celebrating my 30th bday =)IMG_6102


See how much we love each other 😉

Ok, so for part of the home study she had to meet with us separately…. I went into the kitchen to play on my phone as Caleb and the lady talked about his childhood and upbringing and so on… somehow they got onto the subject of Caleb and I playing connect four… so Caleb yells, “We haven’t played since then right??” To which I immediately reply with no further explination needed….”nope”

It was so fun sitting down and talking to her and reliving how we first met, including explaining the story of connect four….. ALRIGHT, I know, I HAVE to tell you now. Long story short, we had been married like two months and were still in lala honeymoon land. We were at a missions conference in Atlanta, Georgia and we were in a game room with everyone else from the conference for down time. Connect four was one of the games set out and Caleb and I sat down to play. We are both pretty competitive people in sports, games, life in general.. the best thing we could have done was to marry each other so that we would always and forever be “on the same team” =)

So we sat down to play connect four, and I beat him. No biggie. Then I beat him again. Best two out of three….three out of five….. five out of seven… and so on… he made me play him 16 times…..and I won every time. At first it was fun and funny, and then, It wasn’t fun anymore. I didn’t want to win, or even play anymore and He was determined to beat his new bride at least once to save his dignity…. I had enough of connect four and started to cry!! Caleb felt so bad when I started crying and telling him I didn’t want to play anymore. He walked me back to my room. Yep I said MY room. We were asked to sleep in separate hotel rooms for the conference, him with the boys, and me with the girls because there was an unmarried couple on the trip who needed to room separately, which was probably why I was so emotional. (You should never take a newly wed away from her hubby.) He was sweetly consoling me down the hall saying “Its okay babe, we don’t have to play connect four anymore” What a thing that would have been to overhear in the hallway of a hotel. LOL Its funny now. We laugh about it often. I wonder if the home study lady will red flag that one?? LOL

So what does that have to do with the adoption, nothing. But It was nice to take a five minutes to think about something else =) and.. if your walking this journey with us you should prob know a thing or two about us. Please continue praying for us, for paperwork to be complete but not become too overwhelming. For it to be approved when sent to where it all needs to go. For a relatively smooth process….. for Belle. For the orphanage to open their hearts to allowing her to be in a forever home. and for funding to continue to come in…..Thank you!!!

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