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Mother’s Day and Father’s Day 2013

IMG_6286I approached Mother’s Day this year with a whole different perspective. Being in the middle of an adoption on this day, makes it like no other Mother’s Day I’ve experienced before. I spent the day thinking about a child who lives half-way around the world without a mother to call her own, which led me to think about  the other 147,000,000 million kids who are just like her. I prayed for, and thought about her all day. I prayed this would be our last Mother’s Day apart. I prayed that many, many more orphans would soon be in a forever home with mothers to love and hold them.IMG_6283

We are in a good place right now in the adoption, our home study has been finalized and sent into our agency for approval.IMG_6432

This is very exciting! It’s huge step forward and a huge weight lifted. We will wait to receive our notarized copies from our social worker and then send them all out to the right people. One for us to keep for our trip to China, one for our agency, one for our dossier, and one to be sent with our I-800a. ( Yet another form to be sent in to wait for approval on) With all that said, the next fee is due when we receive approval. Which brings me to our “Father’s Day” fundraiser….._1100919

We are super excited about this one!!!! As some of you may or may not know, my stud-of-a-husband drives race cars part time for the Richard Petty driving experience at the Daytona speedway. Yea, its pretty much his dream job, along with his firefighting career. Anyway, Caleb asked them if they would donate a “ride-along” for us to raffle off for Father’s Day to raise money for our adoption, and THEY DID!!!_1110305

So, Here we go!! We are raffling off a 3 lap “ride along” at the famous Daytona international speedway. While there, you get to ride in a race car (driven by my hubby or another driver) going 165+ miles per hour around the famous Daytona 500 track! Its a once in a lifetime experience worth a lifetime of memories! Know someone who loves NASCAR or is an adrenaline junkie? Maybe you? Your Husband, a friend, your Father, Grandfather, brother? sister?  What a great “Father’s day” gift this would be to yourself or a loved one!!_1100936

Our goal is to raise enough money through this raffle to pay for the next step in our adoption journey. So buy those raffle tickets!! We will be selling them through June 15th, and the winner will be announced live at our Church and on the blog on Father’s Day, Sunday June 16th!

You can buy tickets on our blog through Paypal by going to the donation page. Just select amount to donate, (they are $5 a ticket, or 5 for $20) and write in the comment area “Daytona Raffle” and your phone number. We will be calling the winner if they are not present for the drawing.

The winner will be randomly selected from a bowl during the service at Christ the Redeemer on Father’s Day by “the Host with the most”, Pastor Sean Yost =)