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Father’s Day Raffle winner(s)

Happy Father’s Day!! Today we drew the names of the winners for our Father’s Day raffle. We ended up giving away two, one at each church service! IMG_6780THANK YOU Richard Petty Driving experience and to ALL who entered for a chance to win, and supported us at the same time. We raised about $700 for the adoption through this fundraiser. I wish we could have given everyone a ticket to do a ride along, I really do, but we only had two. Congrats, Tony and Steve!!

So… what else have we been up to?? As I said in the last post, our home study was being finalized and we were waiting on approval. Well… We received our official notarized copies in the mail this week, and the next day we had the I-800a on its way to the USCIS!!!! (excuse the adoption lingo)  =)IMG_6752 This is a huge step and we are so excited!! Next we wait (yep, more waiting) to hear from them and they will set up fingerprinting (yep, more fingerprinting) appointments for us. This finger printing is the last document we need to complete our dossier!! Dossier is just a fancy adoption word that means the packet with all your important documents that gets sent to CHINA!!! woo hoo!!!

So, we continue on our journey. Thanks for walking with us, and praying for us!! It has been so comforting to know we are surrounded by prayer, love, and support!! THANK YOU!!!!


IMG_6773Happy Father’s Day my love! Thank you for all you do for us! Thank you for being such an amazing daddy to our girls, and an amazing husband and best friend to me.  I cant wait to watch our new little one to experience the love of her daddy (you, and God through you) for the first time!!