Yard sale fundraiser

Today we had a Yard sale to raise funds for the adoption.IMG_7264

I know you’re all wondering what the total amount raised was, but first, I want to say Thank you!!! THANK YOU to everyone who donated things for us to sell!!!! My house was crammed and I felt a little claustrophobic, but it was an awesome reminder of all the love and support you all have shown us through this whole process. Some of you donated, some prayed, some helped price items, some came today to buy items….IMG_7265

(one of our young supporters =) and some watched my youngest daughter so she wouldn’t have to drive us all crazy because she wanted to go inside 😉 ….. however you helped, I wanted you to know how much we appreciate it.  We really  truly couldn’t do it without you, seriously.. no way. Thank you!!!!

Riley was so cute, she did a lemonade stand where she sold cookies and fresh lemonade and raised about $100 on her own!! She loved every minute of it =)IMG_7271

I went into today thinking, “I’d be happy if we raised $500” and  God… blew… my… mind!!!! HE IS SOOOO GOOD!!!!!! We raised $2,065!!! Which gives us almost exact, to the dollar the amount, what we need to pay the next amount due!!!!! GOD IS SOOO GOOD, did I say that already?!? Well, he is. Another amazing thing… as we were finishing bringing in the last of the tables and things afterwards, it started pouring.IMG_7269
Not one drop during the garage sale. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!! =)


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