I-800a and the U.S. “Home of” security

A couple weeks ago we went in to complete the final piece of paperwork for our Dossier. The I-800a.  Yet another set of fingerprints. This time we had to go get them done at the Us Department of Homeland security.IMG_7292

When we approached the locked, dark tinted doors at the front of the building, we were greeted by a security guard. He asked to see our appointment papers before buzzing us in. Then we were asked to put our things through an X-ray machine and walk through a metal detector.  It almost felt like we were at an airport, except, no cell phones were allowed and also no gum. Yep, no gum. I was asked to throw away an unopened pack of gum I had in my purse. I didn’t argue. “Yes sir” seemed like the appropriate way to respond since I needed them to help us complete our fingerprinting and sign a paper to bring our daughter home. In the trash it went.

Now we wait. As soon as the approval arrives in the mail, we will be ready to send out our Dossier!!!! We are getting so close to another huge milestone. It will feel so good when our Dossier is complete. That means the exciting stuff comes next, AFTER MORE WAITING, of course =)IMG_7447

School starts tomorrow so that will help pass some time. Please continue to pray for us. Its so weird walking around and continuing “life as normal” when in the middle of something as huge and life changing as this. We can only do what’s needed to be done, and there is a lot of waiting periods where all we can do is pray. Belle is still “unavailable” at this point. God is in control, and we trust his plan and will in all of this. Thank you for walking this journey with us!

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