If not us….

“If not us, tell me who will be like Jesus to the least of these?”

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Woooh… Man. Hold on while I get my preach on. When I finished writing the blog post from last night, I started browsing through my old posts. Its encouraging to reread through them from time to time. It helps me see how far we’ve come and how faithful God has been through it all.

That line is from the lyrics in a song by Audio Adrenaline. I’ve heard the song, and even quoted it at the end of our “About us” page on the blog, but for some reason when I read those words last night …… it nearly knocked the breath out of me. God grabbed my attention, and I started typing as fast as I could to keep up with the things I  felt He was speaking. Its a bit harsh, but I know its out of His love for us, and for them…. so here it goes.

There are approx. 147,000,000 orphans in the world!!!!! and only like 2% of us who consider ourselves to be christian will adopt one of them. I’m pretty good with numbers, but even if your not, you don’t have to be to see that it does not add up. Not even close. This isn’t a feel good and pat myself on the back for being one of the 2%…. there is nothing to “feel good” about in all of this.

Theres only 2% of us because: 1- Its a nice thought, but its just too expensive; 2- we would like to, but we wouldn’t know where to start; 3- Let’s be honest we can’t even handle the kids we already have sometimes;  4- It’s just too expensive, 5-…….; 6-…….. Well, these legitimate excuses could go on for days, I’ve tried them all and like I said, they ARE legitimate excuses!! BUT……. IF NOT US, THEN TELL ME……WHO WILL BE LIKE JESUS TO THE LEAST OF THESE???? SERIOUSLY, WHO?


Ok, maybe a few “good” people. But I can tell you, if we were doing this because we are “good people” we would have talked ourselves out of it along time ago!! If we didn’t have the Lord’s leading and his holy spirit guiding and speaking to us, and encouraging us, and revealing things to us, our flesh would have won.

There has been a hundred times when my flesh has tried to step in and say “What are we doing?!?, our lives are pretty good as is…. we have two beautiful girls…. wait, why are we adopting again?!?…Its gonna be tough, the adjustment is hard on everyone…….” and so on. Yes, it will be tough, but if we “christians” don’t care for the orphans when we are commanded by Jesus himself to do so, why would anyone else? A writer for CNN called adoption “a social problem that they (Christians) have no plan for solving” and that we should “step up or shut up”. OUCH.

We are very clearly commanded to care for the orphans, so, I ask you…. What is your part? Im not asking IF you think you are to play a part… but what IS your part??  There are many ways you can step up, here’s a few: Partnering either prayerfully or financially with an organization (like Okoa refuge) that takes care of orphans, sponsoring an orphan through an organization (like compassion international, or Okoa refuge), supporting other families with their adoption journey (as many of you have done for us! THANK YOU!), open your home to a foster child, or maybe even (gulp) adopt yourselves… just ask the Lord….. though, I warn you, you  may not want to hear the answer.

The words of that song challenge me in the other areas of my life too. I am a teacher, so, I interact with kids everyday. Even though I work at a christian school, the kids I work with often come from broken homes. If not me, who will be like Jesus to them? Or to the lady in the grocery store line in front of me, or the homeless man on the corner, or the annoying talkative guy at church….  ( in a very non-specific kind of example) =)  so….Tell me who will be like Jesus to THESE??? If not us, who??





*Those pictures are of real orphans waiting for families in China. China isn’t the only country with on overwhelming number of orphans but, I happen to spend a lot of time on the website that are advocating for these little ones. 😉 All of them are listed as having some kind of special need and they are all beautiful.

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