God writes such beautiful stories

For those of you who don’t already know this, my in-laws are pretty amazing people. =) They are kind, genuine and generous. Their love for the Lord is evident through their love for their family and others around them. Well, someone else who has experienced this firsthand wanted to do something to bless them back, and it was decided that they would send them and their family (lucky us) out to a nice steak dinner. So out we went.

We have never, ever all gone out together without the littlest family members (our two girls, and our niece) since we were blessed with their presence in this world, until last night. It was a weird, “i feel like I’m forgetting something” kind of feeling, but it was nice. We had a great dinner and then walked along the board walk downtown. We took a bunch of photos.

One of all of us together:IMG_7805

some of each couple:IMG_7806

and of course, some silly ones:IMG_7813

I went straight to bed after we got home last night exhausted from a full day at school and then a fun filled evening.  When I woke up this morning, I started to post a picture of Caleb and I on instagram on the boardwalk from the night before.



As I tried to decide what filter we looked best in, and how to crop it just right, 😉 I spotted it. Something I knew was there and had seen a hundred times before. I had heard the story and knew the significance, but it stood out now. So crazy clear. I sent my mother in law a text and started to cry.

Behind us in all the pictures is the old Independent life/Modis building. (now the Wells fargo building) So what?!? well..

That is the exact building my in laws drove to, to meet their lawer on the day they brought home their oh-so-longed for baby boy, my husband. There is where two anxious parents awaited seeing his little face for the first time….. they understand how hard it is to wait to hold your little one and to finally be a family. But it is all worth it.  She text:  “I don’t remember a lot of things, but I remember that night vividly. Opening up his blanket, and inspecting everything and counting toes, in AWE!! and in LOVE!!!”

So fast forward 31 years, and look across the river. Here we are now, that baby boy has grown into an amazing man and is surrounded by those who love him most in this world. (minus the littlest ones) and now He is in his parents place, awaiting an oh-so-longed for little girl, adopting a little one of his own. Its a crazy full circle moment.

I can’t wait to see her “full circle” moment. God writes such beautiful stories.




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