WE ARE DTC!!!!!!


Yay!!!!! =) I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!

We knew there was a good chance it could happen yesterday, I kept checking my email all day, every chance I could, hoping to get word. We did! Ok, so what does DTC mean?!? DOSSIER TO CHINA!! All the piles and piles of paperwork we have been working on for months and months has been sent in, reviewed, sealed and approved by our agency who sent it out yesterday and It is currently making its way to China! ahhhhhh!!!!


I did this with the map in my classroom =)

After school we went out to dinner to celebrate. IMG_7926

I kept making DTC pics with everything =)

IMG_7927I guess I am a little excited. This is a HUGE step in our journey. Next step….. being matched with OUR daughter.


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