Our new and exciting acronym

We are now LID!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

I went on our agency’s website to browse, like I find myself doing just about every evening. Its kinda like like when your pregnant with your FIRST child (yes I capitalized that on purpose) and you read “what to expect when your expecting” and you google what size fruit your baby is most like now. (it sounds so weird when your not pregnant) 😉 Anyway, I thought I’d check on the “families in process” page where you can see the dates of the last Dossiers sent to China (DTC) and what their log in dates (LID) are.

When I went on there last week they had only updated through August so I figured it would be awhile before we knew our official log in date. Then I noticed the new update included September. I thought “oh yay, we should be LID soon”. Finally, in a very slow eye-to-brain nerve connection, I all the sudden realized our DTC date was on there AND……wait, there was a date next to it… wait…… brain receives signal……WE ARE LID!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!IMG_8126

Just 5 days after sending our dossier!!! So what does “log in date” mean? and why when I type it, do I follow it up with an AHHHHHH?!?!?!?!! It means we are now in China’s system to be matched with a child. It means the very next step for us is seeing the face of our new daughter and reading her story!!!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!

From what I have been told by our agency, the wait time to be matched with a child can be anywhere from the next list release from China (which is due in about 2 weeks) to about 6 months. Thats a really broad time frame. =/ Depending on so many factors like what medical conditions your family is listed as being “open to”, and how severe (minor – major), what kinds of conditions and how many children are released on the next list, how many families are waiting, ect.

Since we are doing a “special needs” adoption, at the beginning of the application process we had to fill out a “medical checklist” saying what types of medical conditions we were “opened to accepting”. Scan 2This was awful. These aren’t medical conditions, they are children and every child needs a loving family, so its hard to say well, “only if a child has these conditions would we accept them”. ugh. It makes me sick to my stomach.  But you also have to be realistic and ask yourself what  you feel like your family can handle.

Anyway, as I understand it, when china releases its list, our agency will immediately lock the files of children on the list they believe they may have a family match for. A board of proffesionals will sit down and look over the child’s file and your file and decide if it is a good match based on medical condition, personality, age, gender, your family’s biography, ect….. they will then contact your social worker who did the home study, and ask that they review the file. THEN they will contact you with your “referral” . This phone call normally happens really late at night since china is 12 hours ahead of us and the list is released in the morning there. Its really exiting, like when you go to do the sonogram to find out what your having. Except we already know “ITS A GIRL!!!” =) IMG_6289and we will be able to see exactly what she looks like (even better than those 4D sonograms) and even read about her personality. Then we can take a few days to pray and decide if the “referral” is indeed our daughter. If we accept the referral, we write a letter of intent to the chinese government…. and then begins more paperwork and more waiting. Please keep us and our daughter in your prayers. We cant wait to get that phone call!!

One thought on “Our new and exciting acronym

  1. kim coleman

    Hillary and Caleb, I am cheering you on, praying and knowing God will see this journey through to His perfect fulfillment. I loved this blog. Your surrendered hearts and lives are an inspiration to many, to me. I was honored to spend some extensive time with Belle last month, and she is thriving.
    I cannot wait to meet your daughter, and

    no matter what Belle is a part of your
    family forever. You have my prayers as you continue to walk by faith…!! Xoxo k.


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