Monthly Archives: November 2013

“Your kindness fills my life”……

“I wanna scream it out, from every mountain top, Your goodness knows no bounds, your goodness never stops, your mercy follows me, YOUR KINDNESS FILLS MY LIFE, YOUR LOVE AMAZES ME!!!!!   =)   ……. and I sing because you are good”…

I have been joyfully singing this all afternoon, it speaks so much truth of my life today!!! GOD IS SO GOOD AND HIS GOODNESS NEVER STOPS!!!!!

Caleb called me while I was in the middle of class (which is rare) when I was gathering the kids for car line. I quickly answered to check if everything was ok, I said, “Hey.. Can I call you back?” to which He replied, “No, you’ll want to hear this.”

He then told me we had received a letter in the mail today from Show Hope, the Steven Curtis Chapman adoption grant fund we applied to back in August. IMG_9112He quickly read the part of the letter which states:  “Congratulations, you have been awarded a grant through Show Hope’s adoption fund!!!” …..for $4,000!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


Psalm 145:3- “The Lord is great and he should be highly praised. His greatness is unsearchable.”

Thank you all for praying and continuing on this journey with us. They will send the $4,000 check directly to our agency after we are matched with our daughter. We are now about $7,000 away from being fully funded!!!! AHHHHHHHH $7,000 away from bringing our daughter home!! His love for HER amazes me.