LOA, I-800, I-800A… crazy day

(Written around 12pm today:)

I have so much adrenaline rushing through my body right now over Gods goodness!!!  I woke up this morning with a feeling of hopeful anticipation. Today we will receive our Letter Of Acceptance from China (LOA) via Fed Ex. I may, or may not be lurking by the front windows of my house, looking like a creeper 😉 AHHHHHH!!!! Seriously?! My door bell just rang… and look what it is!!!!!





Ok, I am back.  Let me tell you about my crazy day. We knew we would owe our agency “in full” at the time of LOA so that they will move forward with travel arrangements when the time comes. We just thought we would have a couple more months before LOA. (I am not complaining at all) As of last night we owed over $6,000!!! I woke up this morning and got an email that we had received a donation of $620!!!! OH MY GOODNESS, well….GODS goodness anyway. 😉 I really felt like God was using the couple who donated this morning to remind us, “My God shall supply all your needs according to his riches” Philippians 4:19

THANK YOU for the timing of your generous donation, you know who you are =)

We need to raise $5,690, like right now. I know its a lot of money to raise …. but I know HE can do it.

I had to call the USCIS today, (The united states citizenship and immigration services) to try to get questions to what has become a little bit of a complication in our paperwork due to the quickness of our LOA. (again, trust me, I am not complaining)

My agency was afraid we would have to wait for our updated approval to arrive in the mail since we had just requested for it last week to include our daughters “special need”. Stay with me here… I told you it was a little complicated. 😉 I called today to see if we would indeed have to wait for the new update, which would possibly delay our travel plans by a month, even though we had just got the “go ahead” to move forward with the next step.

I’ve called the USCIS for something for the adoption in the past, and the agent who answered was very serious and matter-of-fact. Today, at first the agent who answered was about the same. When she asked how she could help me , I dove right in to try to explain our complicated situation and informed her that I was calling to try to get answers….

Me: “Hi, I have a couple of questions about our I 800 and I 800-A …. (I didn’t even pause long enough for a responce or a vocal cue to continue)…..We received our I-800A approval awhile back, but had to send a supplement 3 form to include our daughters special need. I sent the supplement 3  sometime in the last week and a half, but now we are ready to send out our I-800 since we have receive our LOA. ( I am so glad the agents speak “adoption-ese” 😉 ) Can we go ahead and send our I-800 even though we haven’t yet received our updated I-800A?” …….. This time I paused long enough for a response, and expected one…. silence….. “uh…..hello?”

Agent: “uh… do you have a receipt number for you’re I-800A?”

Me: “I do, for the first approval…. but not the updated approval.”

Agent: “ok, what is it”

I tell her the long series of letters and numbers and then she asks me to hold. When she returns on the line, her voice sounds, lighter, more cheerful.

Agent: “Ok, I’ve found it! I am actually the agent assigned to you!”

(WHAT?!!! NO WAY.)

Me: “Really!? Thats great!”

Agent: “Yes, no prob. Go ahead and send it. I haven’t received your supplement 3 form yet, but it could be a couple of weeks. I’ll just write myself a note and then when your form comes I’ll be sure to approve it on the updated form.”

Me: “OH, MY GOODNESS, THANK YOU!!! We didn’t want this to delay us anymore than it has to!….”

Agent: “I understand, lets get you to you’re baby. I am so excited for you and your family. congratulations…..”

She was so genuine and sweet. There are TONS of agents working there at any given time, and our agent is the one who answered my call!!! HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!?! YOU CANT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!!!!!!!

Psalm 66:5 “Come and see what the Lord has done, what awesome miracles he performs for his people.”


So, we were interrupted earlier by the door bell ringing, and this is what followed….IMG_9735



Hours of paper work, a visit to Caleb’s work to get important signatures, and a trip to Fed Ex. IMG_9733

IT IS EXTREMELY URGENT AND IT IS REALLY HAPPENING. We’re doing everything we can to get you home baby girl, and God is undeniably at work on your behalf!!









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  1. Stacie Chandler

    This is one of the many moments in life that I wish I had lots of money! I don’t but I am committed to pray and pass the word as much as possible!

    Thinking of you and praying for you today and in the days to come!


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