After spending our normal Sunday afternoon on the farm in Callahan…IMG_9773(LOL) We got in the car to drive home. During the drive, I received a text from our good friend who, oh so graciously, handles our adoption Facebook page. (and so much more)  She told me someone left a message on there with a name and number asking us to call them. I recognized the name right away. She is the mom of a dear friend of one of my older sisters. My sister and her friend, this woman’s daughter,  have been close for a really long time despite the physical distance life has put between them.

When I got home, I stepped out onto the back porch to call her…  she answers: “This is ______. ”

Me: “Hi, its Hillary!”

She tells me she received a link to our Facebook adoption page yesterday, and that she and her husband felt led to help by donating. “If money is all thats stopping you from bringing your daughter home, we want to help.” ( well, yes, money and the never ending paperwork…)

Me: “oh, thank you!”

Her: “how much do you need?”

Me: “Right now we need $1,820 to be fully funded.”

Her: “Its done.”

Me: loud sobbing, while smiling at the same time. (?!?! I didn’t even know that was possible.) Between sobs, I was trying to thank her….

Her: “Thank God, he told us to give what you needed.”

Me: More sobbing and trying to talk.

She was sooo sweet, and God is soooo good. She didn’t even know our whole story, and she had never read our blog. (I hope you are now) 😉  But it didn’t matter, it was Gods leading…. He has directed every step, of this journey, including every donation. Each and every dollar you have donated, or prayed for, has led us to this. I had already planned on sending the check into our agency tomorrow!!! and today, exactly when we needed it, WE ARE FULLY FUNDED!!!!IMG_9810

Whatever amount you were able to give or whatever you did to help, Thank you!!! I read this and thought of all of you:

“What you do to serve others, not only provides for the needs of Gods people, but also produces more and more prayers of thanksgiving to God. You will honor God through this genuine act of service because of your commitment to spread the good news of Christ and because of your generosity in sharing with them and everyone else. With deep affection they will pray for you because of the extreme kindness of God in you. I thank God for his gift that words cannot describe” 2 Corinthians 9 12-15

Many prayers of thanksgiving have been prayed to God because of your extreme kindness, God in you.

Thank you for walking along side us in this journey!


2 thoughts on “FULLY FUNDED!!!!

  1. Lori Shannon

    OK, Hillary, got this update..Praise Him !!! I will set my alarm to get up between 5-6 AM then here in your daughter’s current country. Love you !!! Praise Him !!! I can’t wait to see her…wonder how this is all going to turn out..but however so grateful to be on this journey with you and you with me….love you much my dear, dear sister and friend in Him…Lori, Belle’s Mommy in China….XXXXXXXX 🙂

  2. Momma

    Awe sweetie, I’m overwhelmed with happiness for you, Caleb, the girls, and our family as a whole. Every time I think about it I get teary eyed. I love you all and can’t wait to see Reese in person and to be her Meme. OXOX


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