“OH MY!!!!”

Are y’all ready for another amazing, “only God” story??!!

Yesterday was a hard day in the adoption journey for me. We are still waiting for TA…. I guess I really shouldn’t say still. Tomorrow will be two weeks, and they said the average right now to wait for Travel approval is two to three weeks. But it has felt like two years!

Anyway, I was looking at flights with an adoption travel agent… and getting some possible dates…. looking at prices, (ugh) etc… when I realized, we could be flying out three weeks from today!!!! YAY!!! =) …..and three, two, one ……….enter panic attack!!!


I am soooo ready to bring our daughter home, so ready. I don’t want to wait three more minutes, much less three more weeks.

It’s just that, although I am not physically pregnant, I am majorly nesting!!! and I cant seem to find enough minutes in the day to nest…. Im trying to pack for five people to be in China for at least two weeks, including our new little one who is a baby, and I feel as though I have no idea how to take care of a baby even though we’ve done this twice before…. we need to finish the nursery, put up a shelf, fix a dresser, get a guest bed out of my living room (yea, don’t ask), clean, do laundry, pack, buy all the things on the packing list, pray that I remembered to write everything on the packing list, get prescriptions for meds for our baby that isn’t officially ours yet and lives halfway around the world in China. Oh thats right, we need to figure out how to get medical insurance for our new little one…call our cell phone service provider to figure out the cheapest way to bring our phones with us, get crisp, like new, un torn, not marked in anyway bills, a couple more passport photos, important copies of paperwork, oh, and  our oldest has been home with a fever for a couple of days…..anyway, yesterday I had to excuse myself from class to cry for a minute in the bathroom.

Then I sent a text to my mother in law and did something I rarely do…. I asked for help!! She dropped everything and met me after school. She was so encouraging and supportive and helped me to get most the items crossed off of my packing list.  She’s is one of the most amazing selfless people I know. Thank you Nana!

I went to bed feeling like I could breathe again, and I woke up to an email titled “OH MY!!!””

Weeks ago, I came in contact with a woman who is also adopting from Guangzhou. They are just a couple months behind us in the process. I introduced myself, we exchanged a few emails back and forth and I found out a little about her sweet family. I shared our blog with her and she said she would keep updated through it, and pray for us. She asked if we would check in on their little one when we go, if we had the opportunity.

I was more than happy to agree, as you know, a family had just done this for us and it was such a huge blessing! I asked her to send me an email reminder before we traveled, and that was that.

So today, I woke up to an email titled, “OH MY!!!” and it was from her. Today is her little one’s 2nd birthday. Adoptive families can use a service in China to send their child a birthday cake to their orphanage to celebrate. They will also take pictures for the family of the occasion.

She wrote:

“We just received photos from [their little one’s] birthday party, and I think Reese is in them!!!!”

WHAT?!? NO WAY!! There are over a thousand orphans in Guangzhou alone, her daughter was supposedly still in the orphanage, Reese was now in foster care…. What are the chances… I’ve found with God, the chances are always good. =)

So, yep. There she was. Our sweet little Reese. One of just four babies at the party. Standing around the little table celebrating the 2nd birthday of this families daughter!!! =) Whaaaattt?!?!

Reese is the one to the far right

Reese is the one to the far right

God is so good. The same day I was finding it hard to breathe, he sent this breath of fresh air. He’s got this, he’s got her….. he is so sweet to me. Gently reminding me of his faithfulness once again.

“The presence of the living God, satisfies the depths of my heart.” Only he would know how much I need this today.

There was also a short video in which Reese can be seen at all times, still wearing that same, huge, yet too little for her snowsuit thing.  😉   This sweet family spent a huge portion of their day trying to figure out how to post the video so that we could also view it, but also keep it private to protect our little ones and their loving foster families. Thank you again for making sure we could view it, such a sweet gift.

Today was a good day. =)

Please continue praying for us, for travel approval, for travel arrangements, and final preparations. For God to be preparing our hearts and hers. I cant wait to have her in my arms.





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  1. Stephanie M

    Still can’t believe it! What an amazing day yesterday was……we will continue to pray for you as you prepare to travel!


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