TA and CA!!!!

This past week was a dramatic one in our adoption journey. We are so glad it’s over. Last Thursday I received a phone call from our adoption agency while I was at work. I gave my co-teacher the “this is it” look, and RAN to the nearest quiet place.

We had been anxiously awaiting this phone call all week. We knew they would possibly be calling to let us know we had travel approval (TA), which would allow us to start preparing the final arrangements to bring our daughter home! So, I excitedly answered the phone:

“HELLO?!?!!!!” …..

“Hi Hillary, this is ____ from your agency…”


“This morning we received our travel approvals….”

“YAY!!!!!” (maybe I should have let him finish his sentence) =(

“uh…. no… well, yours wasn’t in there…”


“We called our office in Beijing to have them check up on it, because it should have been in this group…”

“uh huh…”

“They said they had a “technical problem” when trying to print out your travel approval.”

“ok…??…. was ours the only paperwork affected?”

“yes, but we’ve requested that they scan us the document over now, and then send us the hard copy later so we can go ahead and move forward in asking for your in-country appointments…”


“If they scan it tomorrow, we will get started right away, but if they don’t, we will have to wait until monday.”


To make a long story short, Here’s the cliff’s note version of the last 7 days…

Thursday our agency asked for the scan, no scan. and then Friday… no scan…. they said they would scan it Monday. No scan Monday… I became an emotional wreck…. some of y’all prayed for and encouraged us (thank you)… my agency felt so bad, (even though it wasn’t their fault)……. China then told them the only person in the whole country who could sign off on our scan went out of town!! (Are you kidding me?!?) ….so, no scan Tuesday, no scan wednesday… Thursday our agent went out of town, but thankfully the our agency had someone else on the look out for the scan…. I called Thursday just to check in, and…..






So, then we needed CA. (consulate appointment) You can’t book your flights until you know you have your appointments to finalize the adoption in China first. We, in faith, put a flight on hold through an adoption travel agent Thursday, and yesterday we got the good news and were able to BOOK OUR FLIGHTS!!


We leave April 2nd!!! That’s only 11 days from now!!! Our littlest baby girl will be in our arms, and ours forever in 17 days from today!!!


Please be praying as we finish preparing everything in this next week. Please pray specifically that every item needed will make it into the luggage. Pray for our travel arrangements to fall into place perfectly and affordably. (Flights have already gone up $1000 form a week ago  =(  ) Pray for our girls, that God would prepare their hearts for the long travel and they would see him and feel his presence in all we do while we are away. Pray for our littlest baby, that God would be preparing her heart. Pray for peace and rest for all of us, wisdom and protection…. THANK YOU!! Hold on baby girl, your mama and Daddy are coming soon!



2 thoughts on “TA and CA!!!!

  1. Stephanie M

    Couldn’t be more thrilled to see this!!!! We will be praying for you all!!!!! We are SO happy for you!

  2. Aunt Lise

    Hillary, Caleb, Riley and Rowen, I am so happy that God is bringing your journey of expanding your family, and therefore mine as well, to an end. I know that this will be a great new beginning for each of you as you move forward from here as well. Although I have been “out of sight,” your journey has never been far from my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to meeting your new daughter at the next family get-together and, as I have always offered with your oldest two, if there is ever anything I can do to help, you know where I live and have my phone number as well. 🙂 I know that Kaya and Colin will be thrilled to meet their new cousin too!


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