Shamian Island

Shamian Island is the home of the famous white swan hotel. Its where many adoptive families used to stay when finalizing their adoptions in Guangzhou. But the US consulate has now moved off the island and the White swan is closed for construction.
It’s still a gorgeous place to visit. The buildings are different then any other place in China because Shamian Island was under British Rule until the 1940’s.
Many adoptive families will go to visit the island to walk around the shops and and take the traditional photos.
This one is the most famous. The idea is to have your newly adopted child stand in the line of these statues of children and take their picture.


Reese did not think that was a good tradition. Lol

It is a nice scenic walk, and you are sure to see couples taking wedding photos all over the place.


We went into the shops and took the opportunity to buy a few things for the girls for super cheap. Here’s a few cute things I got to add to Reese’s wardrobe.

That cost us about $20 American. The shopping was so chill compared to bargaining in one of the Beijing markets.
On the taxi ride back Riley was happy that she had scored a Chinese dress (she wanted one so bad) and Rowan was… Exhausted. 🙂

The rest of our afternoon was spent at the hotel pool. It was about 80 today and it’s humid, so we feel like we are at home in Florida 🙂
It was Reese’s first time in a swimming pool, and I think it’s safe to say she loved it!!!


And look how adorable she is in her bathing suit!!!!!!


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