Baiyun mountain

No appointments today so we went with the Morris family and one other sweet sweet family from our agency to Baiyun mountain. Or “white cloud” mountain. It’s a beautiful place. Our guide said it’s not really a mountain, more like a hill. We told him for us Floridians it is a mountain!! Lol
We took a cable car to the peak. Everyone thought that was pretty fun. 20140413-161003.jpg20140413-161025.jpg
We really enjoyed the day, despite the fact that it felt like 100 degrees outside. On the mountain they have lots of different types of birds. And some beautiful peacocks. 20140413-161418.jpg
We even saw some rare white ones.20140413-161454.jpg
We’ve really been blessed to have been here with the family from Jacksonville, the Morris family. Our families are around each other so much, we are now beginning to accidentally match. LOL20140413-161652.jpg
Rowan and sawyer, and Micah and Riley are close in age and always near one another.

Noah and savannah, their older two are amazing with all of the younger ones. Such sweet kids.

Here’s Angie and I with our youngest littles at Lucy’s on Shamian island last night.


I am so glad they are from the same room in the same orphanage and are now going home to the same city. God is so good. We will forever be in the Morris family’s lives (sorry y’all) as we now have this special bond, not only between our our girls, but our families as well. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Baiyun mountain

  1. Sherri

    God is so good! I know sometimes we as Christians say that phrase as a cliche, but God is truly faithful. I love how God brings people into our lives when we least expect it… is like He is saying “SURPRISE”! Your “Journey of 1000 Miles” is such a testimony to me and others and it will be from now on. God has again “written His story on your heart”:) I cannot wait to see how he uses your family to further a His Kingdom!

    Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey through your blog, Facebook and Instagram! Oh and make sure a visit to the Gressman farm is on a Thursday. That is when I keep Hallie and I would love to meet your precious gift!


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