This is just a short fun post.
Getting a taxi at times in china can be, challenging.
I ended up on a shopping trip yesterday with China’s famous shopping guide Ann, and Chris. (The dad from the other family from Jacksonville because Caleb had fallen asleep with Reese and we needed to get a few things)
After hours of speed walk through alleys and shops,

(Ann is a tiny little Chinese woman with a really quick stride.) Chris and I walked over to Shamian island, which was near by, to grab our 50 pound bags of laundry the guys had dropped off he day before.
We were really tired at this point and even more so from dragging the luggage. We walked to a busy corner and grabbed the first taxi that would stop for us. We threw our luggage in the back of the cab and jumped in. A minute down the road I saw the taxi driver reach up to his meter and it started to make a beeping noise. The taxi driver pulled over and started speaking angry Chinese and acting like he was trying to fix the meter.
This is not my first time in China, and although I have never had a taxi driver try to pull one over on me, I have been warned this game is very common when they pick up foreigners.
I knew right away what he was doing. He then turned to us and started speaking Chinese loudly and throwing his hands up and then pointing at the meter.
I cut to the chase and asked him in Chinese, “duo shao chien?” Or “how much?”
Both of our families had already taken a taxi to and from Shamian enough times to know that it shouldn’t be more than 20 yuan, or $3 American.
He then started trying to hand us his phone. We didn’t know why, and then I pulled my phone out after figuring he wanted to negotiate.
I punched in the number 20 on the calculator on my phone. He shook his head. And started loudly speaking Chinese again.
I think he first punched in 60 on his phone, to which Chris and I shook our heads and started to get out of the cab on the side of the road. He then came back with, 40.. At which point we started getting our luggage out of the back and then he punched in 30. We said no. Grabbed our stuff and he jumped in his taxi, the meter flipped on normally and he drove off. Ugh.
We went up to the next corner and stopped a second taxi. Gave him the piece of paper with our hotel name on it in Chinese and hopped in. He inspected the paper, pulled his glasses out, (oh dear lord) and then inspected it again. He shook his head yes and took off in the opposite direction of our hotel. As were were at a dead stop in our taxi prison,

going to who knows where, I desperately tried to use Google translate…

No wifi. So we were just stuck, going along for the ride. I was convinced he was taking us to some alley outside of the city where all of his Kung fu buddies would be waiting to mug us.
All the sudden we recognized a building and we were there!! Hallelujah, we made it! And it ended up costing us 24 yuan because he apparently went the really long way. Oh well. Lol

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  1. Celeste Mercer

    Thank you so much for letting us feel apart of your journey. God is good! We rejoice with you for this most precious gift and pray for restored health as you prepare to come home. Can’t wait to meet little Reese.


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