The orphanage visit

We knew yesterday would be a hard day… But it started off bad at 2am when Riley woke up with 102.5 fever:( thank you to everyone who prayed for her during the night. (well, it was day time for you) I just sat and prayed over her and cried.
Yesterday was so important for us as a family, and I knew I didn’t want her, or one of us to have to stay behind and miss it.
After medicine, she fell asleep on the couch, and I miraculously fell asleep on the ground next to her listening to “I need you” …..

“..bowing here I find my rest, and without you I fall apart, you’re the one who guides my heart.”


Riley woke up with no fever!!! So we got ready and ran down stairs. We were traveling again today with the Morris family to go to the orphanage that both our daughters lived in for a portion of their young lives.
First we went to little Mya’s finding spot. It was outside of a hospital on a very busy street. When it comes time to actually see the spot where your daughter was found, there is such a crazy mix of emotions. You’re sad that they were abandoned, but happy that they were found… The emotions are all over the place.

Just as the bus was stopping at Mya’s finding spot, Riley started to throw up in Caleb’s lap:( Poor, poor baby. Poor, poor daddy. She was crying but felt better afterwards.
The next stop was meeting Reese’s foster family at their apartment.

See poor Riley:(
I was really nervous about this. I was wondering how she would feel returning to the place she spent the last four months of her life. Would she cry, or be confused? Would she want her foster family and not want to return to me? We had no idea what would happen, but what we HOPED would happen, DID happen, and it was so good for my heart:)
She didn’t want to go to them at all, and when the foster family’s dad insisted, she cried and leaned forward to come right back to me:) see my overjoyed face?! 🙂

It’s ok baby, mommy is right here. 🙂

We got to ask a little about what they knew about Reese. The foster family said she is the prettiest baby they have ever fostered, and they have fostered a lot:) so sweet. They said she doesn’t like to be “criticized”, or for you to make a “straight face” at her…. Basically she doesn’t like to be told no. Lol
We were there for about 30 minutes, it was a nice experience. This family has such an amazing heart for children so they foster little ones transitioning to their forever homes. I will forever be grateful for this family and the time they cared for Reese.

It allowed her to experience a family environment instead of staying at the orphanage.
In the four short months that they had her, Reese’s physical development thrived.
Next we took a short 5 minute ride to the orphanage. It was clean, stark, and even though it was so full, it felt so empty. The unanswered cries of little ones filled the halls and the faces I saw in the rooms silently cried out for a family to love.
We saw where Reese played, ate and slept. Just a bed apart from Mya.

Here some pictures from the orphanage….





I couldn’t help but imagine other families in the past visiting the orphanage with their newly adopted children and unknowingly seeing our Reese. There were so many little ones, and they all need homes.






Reese is now in the arms of her family, I’m praying for many many more families to adopt. The need is great.

As we were taking this picture when we were about to leave the orphanage, the older kids were outside.

They were all staring at us. They knew why we were there. I could see the sadness and hurt in their eyes. The feeling of “what about me? When will it be my turn? Am I not good enough?” This affected me the most. As they watched us get into the van and drive away with our babies, I was in tears about those left behind.

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