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Last night we did the dragon boat cruise on the pearl river. As always, we were on exhibit as we waited for the boat to arrive. Lol


Guangzhou has beautiful buildings that are lit up in neon colors along the river at night.

It was a nice relaxing time with Caleb and the girls, and the other families from our agency.
In typical American style, We ate papa johns pizza while enjoying the city views.


This morning was the big Us consulate appointment!! We applied for and finalized documents, and took the final oath that enables our daughter to become an official us citizen when she steps foot on US soil. In keeping with adoption tradition we all wore our red, white, and blue. Well, Except Caleb, he did it the cool way:)

When we walked up to the consulate there were a ton of Chinese people in line, or waiting outside to get in line. There was security everywhere that was checking documents but we walked on by with out being asked to show anything. I guess the red white and blue and the blonde hair clued them in on the fact that we were American 🙂
It was an easy short process, and before we knew it we were done. That was it. Last appointment complete. It’s weird.
Tonight is our last night here in Guangzhou. 🙁 We can’t believe it. We love China, and have had the most amazing time here bonding as a family. Guangzhou will always have a special place in our hearts for its significance in our lives. It is here that our youngest daughter was born. (Near Guangming) and here we became a forever family. We are actually sad to be leaving, but excited to be heading to Hong Kong for a couple of nights, and then heading home to see you all and to settle into our new life together as a family if 5.
Goodnight for the last time from Guangzhou, China!


2 thoughts on “Us consulate

  1. Renee Tuggle

    I have really enjoyed reading your journals. I’m from Trinity,NC. I have family that lives in Atlantic Beach, Fl. That shared your journey. You have a beautiful family . God bless!

  2. Shelia Grossholz

    Such a beautiful family. Love the red, white and blue.
    Looks like Riley is felling better too, praise God.
    Have a safe journey home


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