Hong Kong Disney

For our one and only full day here in beautiful Hong Kong, and as a reward to the girls for being such amazing travelers, we decided to go to Hong Kong Disneyland!!! 🙂
Even though the castle and the park itself is not as grand as Disney world, (The price reflected that, as it was SOOO cheap in comparison. Only $198 for the five of us) We still had a really great time. Here’s some of the pics from the day…
Tickets in hand and so excited:)

Waiting for the last gates to open. (They open Main Street a half an hour before the rest of the park.)

Rowan mapping out our day.

We went directly back to Toy story land since that is something we don’t have at Disney world. So glad we did that before the crowds got bad in the afternoon. This was our favorite part of the whole park!!

20140418-203319.jpg Caleb really liked it too 🙂

This ride was so fun!

Reese did so good just watching and waiting as the big sisters rode the big rides.




20140418-203445.jpg Crazy girl, I wonder who she gets it from…

20140418-203456.jpg LOL Reese loved these water geysers, I promise. I just didn’t catch her giggling that time. Daddy and his girls…

20140418-203505.jpg “It’s a small world” takes on a whole different meaning when you’re riding it in a different country.lol


Waiting in line for Reese to meet Mickey for the first time.

She wasn’t even impressed enough to wake up 🙂

20140418-203532.jpg No, thank YOU China! It’s been amazing!
But, tomorrow we fly home 🙂

The picture on the left was taken just 4 days before we met Reese. The one on the right was taken today, just 10 days after. What a difference love makes.


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