Jet lag

Every time I’ve traveled to China I’ve experienced it. China time is exactly a 12 hour difference from where we live, so it’s literally night and day.
On the way over, and once you actually get there, the jet lag is bearable, and only seems to last for just a few days, hitting it’s worst after lunch time each of those days. One fun little fact about jetlag is, It is ALWAYS worse after the return home.
This trip is the longest I’ve ever spent in China’s time zone at one time. And we’ve returned with a little one who has never known any other time zone in her little life.
I’m so glad that the girls went with us and are also experiencing the same sleep deprived mess that we are. It would be horrible if they were functioning normally as we struggled to stay awake during the day. Just look how confused Riley was on Easter morning..

Lol, yes, her pjs say “santas little helper” 🙂
In China, once we were past the first few days, everyone was sleeping through the night. Even Reese slept through the night from day one.
Our first night home, everyone was so exhausted that, not only did we sleep through the night, but we all slept in. (This is extremely rare!)…..
And it hasn’t happened since.

We’ve been spending our days barely able to keep our eyes open. Yesterday, we actually got out of the house and took a walk to the nature preserve to put our toes in the river hoping the much needed fresh air would help keep us awake.


20140423-050026.jpg It did help, and we were able to keep our eyes opened until bed time….. Unfortunately, that is when we are the most awake!! It’s crazy, no matter how tired you feel hours before, when the night comes (which is daytime in China) you are WIDE awake.
We put the girls to bed and managed to lay down about 1130pm.
At 12am, our dog barked at our bedroom door to be let outside. At 1230, Reese woke up crying, then again at 130, and 230. Caleb, Reese and I have been awake since then, and the big sisters made an appearance at around 3:30am, when I heard a noise in the hall bathroom and found them washing their new chopsticks, uh what the world?!
It is now 5:07 am,

And that’s pretty much how she looks right now. Happy as can be. She babbles and sings and plays. Good thing she’s so cute. I guess ill just stay awake. The big sisters return to school today so we have to be up soon anyway. Good morning.

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  1. Jeanae

    Aww I’m so sorry y’all are going through such bad jet-lag!! Fighting sleep and forcing sleep are 2 of the hardest things! I’ve never dealt with the experiences you guys are dealing with but we’re here if you need anything!! Reece is gorgeous and worth it all because she’s finally where she belongs


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