1st Dr visit

We really didn’t know what this appointment would be like. Taking an 18 month old to her first real doctors appointment, would be at the very least, traumatic.
When we went to the medical check up in China, Reese was not a fan, and that was a cake walk compared to what her first appointment at home would be.
We were greeted at the pediatricians office with hugs by our friend who works at the front counter. She’s been counting down the hours until we had to bring Reese for her 1st appointment so she could meet her.

The rest of the staff was just as sweet and congratulated us. Everyone “ooohhed” and “aaawwwed” over her cuteness.
We were given the first time patient forms to fill out for her, and
my pen went directly to check the box next to white/Caucasian. I laughed and then found the box to check for Asian/ Chinese . I said “awe, I get to mark Chinese!” Lol, I thought that was kinda fun.
The next couple of pages asked the routine questions about her birth, including weight, height, c-section or vaginal, were there any birth complications, was she allergic to anything, had she ever been hospitalized, family health history… Ect..

Tears started to fill my eyes. I guess I hadn’t even thought about that part of the appointment. I grabbed a couple of tissues and wiped my eyes before handing the papers back with an “I’m sorry, there’s a good bit that I had to leave blank.”
The truth is, those and many more questions surrounding her birth, family, and even the first 17 months of Reese’s life will remain unanswered, blank. It’s hard for me as her mama. I couldn’t even tell them what my daughter weighed at birth. But, It’s the beginning of her miraculous life story.
Caleb , having been adopted himself, will in the future be able to understand in some ways what it’s like to have unanswered questions, a list of “I don’t knows”. He can tell her from experience, “it’s ok” because God fills in those blanks in a way only he can, and his answers are beautiful.
There’s a peace beyond understanding, an assurance of who we are IN HIM.
I’m so glad God chose Caleb to be her daddy.


We were called back and they continued with the routine checks. Temperature, height, weight….

And that was the easy part 🙁

We got into the room and the nurse asked the routine developmental questions for a little one Reese’s age.

Now, I remember answering those routine questions with our other two daughters and welcoming the chance to gloat about their milestones achieved. 🙂
But Reese checkup is not in the least bit routine, it’s so amazingly different. So I wanted to roll my eyes at each routine question asked.
I know, I know, sorry…I love love love my doctors office, and this poor new nurse I had never seen before was only trying to do her job. I was not mad at her, I was just being a protective mommy who has had very little sleep.

“Does she speak 20 words?”

Uh “no”. And if she did, it would be Chinese, so we wouldn’t understand anyway.

“Can she obey simple commands, like if you tell her to come here?”

Uh, again, “no”. She was surrounded by Chinese speaking people her whole entire life until two weeks ago. She doesn’t understand English. I’m sorry, maybe i forgot to mention, She just came home from china 5 days ago.
(Remember, these were not my actual answers , I was only being a brat in my head.)

“Can she walk backwards?”

“No”, she was born with a left leg issue that we are actually here to find out more about, and I was actually feeling super encouraged about her walking ability and such, until just now. Ugh

I just wanted the questions to stop. I kind felt bad, she left the room with really short answers and barely anything to go on.
Soon our doctor entered the room. He’s been our family pediatrician since I was 6. He’s a kind man, who loves his patients. Reese liked him.
We talked about our trip to China and he watched her interactions with us. He said she looked as if she was doing exceptional in her interactions towards us. There’s an apparent connection, and bonding. He said we should continue spending time with her at home, and reiterated the importance of these first few weeks.

She happily walked back and forth to Caleb and I so he could watch her walk. He believes there is a very slight limited range of mobility in her left hip, but believed her knee is a non issue.
He ordered X-rays for her hip and knee, and lots of other test we will have to do soon like blood work, and hearing tests… things she would have already had checked since birth. She also has to catch up on ALL of her shots from birth until now. Which meant 4 shots yesterday. I cried, just like I did the first time my other two babies had their shots:(

After it was all over she didn’t want her sticker.

I don’t blame her

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