Two months later…

Two months ago today we boarded a plane and traveled halfway across the world to bring our youngest daughter home.
I remember saying sometime before we left for China, that I couldn’t wait to be home and on family vacation at Hammock beach. 1- because its a blast, and 2- that would mean we were far enough out from the trip to have had some adjustment and bonding time behind us, and we would be in a place as a family to really be able to enjoy each other.
Well, we are here 🙂 And I’d say adjustment and bonding is going great.
“hold me mama”….


She is doing amazing, we are doing amazing. Balancing three kids can be, exhausting at times, and that has really been the biggest adjustment, but we are getting the hang of it.
We had family pictures done this week and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way they came out. Our friends Amy and David (who are photographers) came over for dinner and brought their camera with them. I told them the idea of what I had in mind, and the pictures came out better than I could have imagined.
They did such a great job capturing our family perfectly. Thanks again y’all!!!




When I look at these, I am so humbled by the Lords goodness. He has given me three amazing, beautiful, smart, and funny little girls, and a husband who chooses daily to lead his family in whatever the Lord may call us to do. I’m so glad he asked, and that I said “yes” 12 years ago 🙂 what an amazing adventure it’s been!

Thank you again for praying and walking along with us.
I’m looking forward to writing new blog posts and seeing what the Lord has for our family in the future as our journey continues…..


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