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We are not consumed

I know y’all….. its been a ridiculously long time since my last blog post. I am so sorry! I will try, the best I can, to quickly catch you up on these past three months, and to get you to where we are in our journey as a family. Our youngest daughter has now been home for FIVE months!!! I still cant believe we are on the other side of this! I can’t believe that after all the praying and waiting, she is finally home!

She is growing so fast. She has gained over 5 pounds, and has grown over an inch since we brought her home. She is still REALLY small for her age, but she is catching up quickly.

She says (or has her own form of the words)  “Mama, “Dada”, (sisters) “RiRi” and “RoRo”, “HaHa” (her cousin), “NaNa”, “Papa”, “MeMe”, “more”, “up” “uh oh”, “Hi!”,  “mocha” (our dog)…. and she understands pretty much everything we say to her. Like, “Can I have that?”, “sit down”, “Where’s Dada?”….. she’s so smart and we are so amazed at how quickly she has picked up on everything.

We have had an amazing Summer, filled with lots of quality family time.










We also went through one of the toughest things we’ve ever faced as parents this Summer.

In June, we traveled down to Daytona Beach for a night away to celebrate our middle daughter Rowan’s, 6th birthday.






She was finally able to ride in her daddy’s race car, a moment she had been waiting a whole year for. (Riley had done it the year before but, she wasn’t allowed because you have to be six years old to ride along) She was sooooo excited =) and it was so much fun to watch her, even with a sick baby in my arms.


Reese had started running a fever while we were there, and she very quickly made a turn for the worse. When your paramedic Husband looks at you and says “we need to get to the hospital now”, you go to the hospital…

We ended up in an emergency room for the first time ever with one of our daughters. Reese was soon sedated and intubated and rushed by ambulance to the children’s hospital downtown where we spent 9 days in the Pediatric ICU, 5 of which she was fully sedated and on a ventilator. But, God never left her, he never left us.





He brought me to this verse on the second morning I awoke on the couch in the pediatric ICU:

“Because of the Lord’s great love, we are not consumed. For his compassions never fail. They are new every morning. Great is thy faithfulness. The Lord is my portion, therefore I will wait for him.”

Lamentations 3:22-24

I clung to that verse as the anchor for my hope in Him. Although, it was hard, and there were many tears, we had an overwhelming sense of peace. We felt his presence. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Because of his great love and faithfulness, We were not consumed.

Thank you for all who prayed for us, for Reese. There is no doubt, your prayers were being heard.

A friend of ours had sent a text to me while we were still in the hospital to tell me she had been praying for us and had a prophetic vision. This is definitely a spiritual gifting of hers, as I have seen the Lord use her this way while ministering together in the past. In part of the vision, she said, the Lord handed me a bouquet of yellow flowers. This may have seemed like an insignificant detail to her, but I told her that yellow was my favorite color and I thought it was so neat that the vision was so specific that the Lord would have handed me a bouquet of flowers that were my favorite color. I left the hospital that evening feeling encouraged and at peace. I took the girls home to sleep, leaving Caleb for the night at Reese’s bedside. When I arrived home, a different friend of mine showed up unexpectedly at my door. When I opened the door there she stood, bouquet of yellow flowers in hand!!!! I started to laugh and cry at the same time and explained the significance. She said she was at the grocery store when she saw them, and felt as though she should buy them for me, having no clue of the prophetic word given to me just hours earlier that day. God is sooo good.

Long story short, Reese had a severe case of croup and a “newer strand” of RSV, that her little body could not fight off on its own. It hit her hard, but after 9 days, we were able to go home.

She is doing amazing now, completely healthy and back to herself. We came through it all with a deeper bond, and greater appreciation for our three daughters than ever before.


Ive been really trying hard to focus on each day, and soak it all in. Walking through the day with the full awareness that today will soon become yesterday…… Can we please just all agree to slow time down a bit?! The good times, even the hard times, and all the normal “everydays” in between….. I want it all to slow down.

We’ve moved into another new season of our lives, and we aren’t complete convinced yet that we aren’t totally crazy but, we are homeschooling our girls this year. I knew I couldn’t return to teaching having another little one at home, as it has always been my desire to be home with my babies when they are still babies. And, we knew we couldn’t afford the tuition to keep our girls at the amazing christian private school I was teaching at without my paycheck coming in, so here we are.


We really feel at peace about where God has us for this season in our lives. We are continuing to grow together as a family and are just soaking in the time we have with our girls while they are little. Although, some days are hard, I know we will never look back at this time and regret having this extra time with them. I am so thankful to the Lord, for we are so undeservingly, incredibly blessed.