“OH MY!!!!” (Part two)

If you haven’t read the post “OH MY!!!!” from the blog, an entry I wrote just before we traveled to China to bring Reese home, go back and read it. Go on…… I’ll wait….. 😉

Ok, well, here is “part two” of the story……

After God connected our families, and we found out our girls actually knew one another, we prayed that while we were in China, we would have the opportunity to see their little girl and and get pictures for them. As you may recall, someone had done the same for us, and by the grace of God we got pictures and an update on Reese during “the wait”. ANY sort of update is litterally a breath of life for a family during the waiting period… but when it happens so miraculously, and someone you’ve never met actually gets to physically see your child, hug them, and love on them for you….there are no words. Just happy tears and a feeling of thankfulness to the Lord and to the family that he used.

Once in China, we mentioned to our agency’s guide that, if possible,  we wanted to try to see this family’s little one, and that we knew how to find her… Reese and her foster family were friends.  He did not like the fact that I knew this information, and questioned how we came upon it ( it was God, of coarse!) ….but, he was willing to try to connect us anyway.

Amazingly, we were able to see sweet Eliza on the day we visited Reese’s foster family. We got pictures and even video of her for her forever family.


I was soooo happy to be able to do this for them. We give all the glory to God. We couldn’t have done it on our own account.

So…. fast forward to August. Reese and I traveled up north to visit my sister and her husband. We had such a good time with them. I loved seeing them get to know and fall in love with their newest niece.


When I knew we would be traveling, I contacted Eliza’s family via email to let them know we would be in their home state, even though I knew they lived pretty far from where we were staying….. and Eliza had only been home for 5 weeks at that point. BUT, Stephanie, Eliza’s mom was so excited and sweet and insisted she didn’t mind driving the 3-4 hours it would take to meet us. So Reese and I took a bit of a road trip.
First, we stopped and had coffee with another God-given adoptive friend 45 minutes into the road trip…. Their son came home just a month before Reese.



These two little ones were so cute together and it was so fun to actually meet this mama in person, talk about Gods goodness, and look across the table at our little miracles. ☺️

Next, we drove another hour and a half to see Eliza and meet her forever family, our new friends. I can’t even begin to tell you what it was like for me to see Eliza on this side of the world with her family. She seemed excited to see Reese and we wondered if she recognized that she was “familiar”.


ELIZA is so sweet, and seems to be transitioning well. And her family….. they are the best!! I just cry over Gods goodness of how he brought our families together for such a time as this.

“Oh my!!!!”

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