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One year ago today…

One year ago today…We didn’t even know who she was. Not a face, an age, or a name we couldn’t properly pronounce….. 😉
and then, at 1:05 pm, the phone rang.


(I wrote in detail about that emotional day in the blog post titled, “the day we saw our daughters face”… Posted Dec 2013)

Because of needing to complete the necessary paperwork and such, We decided we would wait two days…. until on Thanksgiving day , to share the news with our girls, and the rest of the family.

The girls were so excited when we told them about their new baby sister! We gave them a small frame with her picture and then we took the picture to our family’s Thanksgiving celebrations. Just as everyone gathered around to pray before the meal, we shared the good news!

We were all in tears of thankfulness as we filled our plates with all the traditional Thanksgiving foods. Her picture sat in the middle of the table for everyone to see, and we talked about how, “on the next Thanksgiving” she would actually be there, in person, with us! We couldnt wait!!

This was my Instagram post on Thanksgiving morning last year:


Tomorrow she will sit gathered around the table, surrounded by her forever family. We are so thankful. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.



October has always been the start to a busy season for us…… so it was no big deal to add in another birthday =)

When we received the call about being matched with Reese, one of the first things they told me was her birthday….. October 15th. I immediately trailed off into my own thoughts… “she’s only 13 months old… Riley is going to LOVE that their birthdays are so close!” Riley’s birthday is the 19th of October, and she relishes in being a big sister, so, while a lot of kids might be a little bummed to have to “share” their birthday week, I knew she really would love it.

So this October we started off by celebrating Reese’s 2nd birthday. Her first birthday home. The weekend before the big day, we had a very small gathering with immediate family at a beautiful local state park.




It was so fun celebrating her and seeing her experience all the birthday traditions for the first time. We helped her blow out her candle, let her dig into her “smash” cake, and watched her tear through her presents. Its hard to say if her first birthday was at the least acknowledged in an orphanage that big. Its sad, but, I doubt it was. It would be tough for them to keep up with so many birthdays….. anyways, I think she likes birthdays. 🙂


On her actual birthday day, Caleb, the girls, and I went to the beach to pray together and to thank God for bringing Reese to us. We also prayed for the woman on the other side of the world who carried Reese in her belly, and who then, for reasons unknown, felt that she had to let her go. =( I can only imagine that she must wonder time and again (especially on that day) about where Reese is now. We released a red balloon asking for peace for her heart and for her to know that reese is so loved , and we are so grateful.


Then, later that week, this amazing girl of ours turned 8:


She is thoughtful, and compassionate, driven, and oh so beautiful. I am so lucky to be her mommy.


I just wish she’d stop growing up so fast. 🙁

As we enter the holiday season I look forward to many more “firsts” with Reese, and as a family of five….

Halloween has already come and gone….


So bring on the turkey.