And so this is Christmas….

Last year, not a single Christmas tradition passed, that I wasn’t imaging Reese there with us, in the middle of whatever we were doing as a family. And then I would think about how far away she was, and how much I longed for her to be home doing those Christmasy things with us .

We had a stocking for her,

gifts for her under the tree, and a very special ornament hung with her picture inside.

This year, she helped decorate the tree,


and held the very ornament we held onto so dearly the year before.

She even had her turn at putting up the star with daddy.

Last year, at mickeys very merry Christmas party, we carried around Reese’s bunny so she could be with us, But this year, we carried around Reese “bunny” 🙂


She decorated doughnuts for Santa for the first time, as is our Christmas Eve family tradition.

(We figure Santa gets enough cookies, plus we get to eat the “leftovers” in the morning.) She mostly just ate the icing for the doughnuts. 🙂

This year she was with us when we went to see the Christmas lights….


and she sat with us each night as we read the story about the coming of baby Jesus.

IMG_0153.JPG“Tell me the story of Jesus, write every word on my heart….”


And so Reese,this is Christmas…. We are so glad you’re home.


From our family to yours!

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