I was born to do this

“Everyday of my life was recorded in your book, every moment laid out before a single day had passed…”

Psalm 139:16


“I am not afraid. I was born to do this.”

Today is my birthday, so naturally I am sitting here reflecting on this past year, my 31st year of life…. It was an amazing year of following the Lord as a family, a lot has changed for us in these past 12 months.

We brought Reese home…The girls no longer attend the private school we loved, because I no longer teach there…. They are now being homeschooled. We moved to the country. We lost our beloved dog of 12 years… : ( and We were very recently blessed with my brand new nephew.







I look forward to this next year of my life, excited to see what The Lord has for us as a family. I have been so overwhelmingly, undeservingly blessed … And even though we’ve felt deep loss in some years of our lives and things get hard, I know I can look to the future without fear because He is there. He has written our days long before any of them came to be…. And I love and trust him fully. My creator God. The author and perfecter of my faith.

So come on year 32.. I’m ready:

I was born to do this!

2 thoughts on “I was born to do this

  1. Lori Shannon

    Happy belated Birthday, dear Hillary. You are deeply loved by Him and so many others. It is exciting to follow your story and your life and so neat how He has woven me and Belle and so many others into the story. It will be exciting to see how more beautiful the story will be. Pray you had a wonderful birthday, dear friend and sister in Him…beautiful pictures..love you, dear friend and sister….many blessings, later, Lori and Belle 🙂 XXXXXX


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